Cupid's arrow really missed the mark this time. Now you're left holding two big pieces of a heart that was once not only whole but also filled with love for someone special. You're left questioning how to heal a broken heart so that you can get some relief from the pain and find your way back into the land of the living.
So, who do you love? You!

There's really no one better.

Place yourself at the top of the dog pile of your favorite people and do a little first rate tender loving care.
Seriously. Go out and do something you've always wanted to do but put off for whatever reason. Make it an event and bring a friend along to share it with if you'd like. If not, go it alone and have a great time.

Take care of your physical and mental well being. If it means a day at the spa go for it. Make an appointment for Swedish massage, acupressure treatment, tickets to a football game, or a double feature of action packed explosions at the local multiplex. Do something fun that's all about you for a change instead of doing what you think others will want to do with you.

Take a class, take lessons, start a journal, and take time to get to know and grow to love the real you and not as part of a "we." Have fun exploring and getting to know the real you while learning to love yourself as you are, flaws and all.

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After a breakup, especially when you were dumped, how you get over someone is important. When you have been in a relationship with a person for a very long time it can be difficult to get over them. As a general rule, shorter relationships are easier to get over than longer relationships. However, there are some things you can do to speed the healing process.

You can start to get over your ex quickly by removing things from your home that were given to you by the ex that remind you of the ex. You don't have to remove all items that were given to you by the ex. Just remove the ones that have strong memories attached to them. It is not necessary to dispose of these items, but put them in storage for a while.

Another tip is to think of all the bad qualities possessed by your ex. This is not easy because it causes you to think of your ex quite a bit. Think of the things you disliked the most about your ex and the things your ex did that really annoyed you.

An easy way to get over your ex quickly is to start dating again. Starting to date is not easy for everyone because many people still feel a deep emotional attachment to their ex immediately following a breakup. It is acceptable to go on a date if you are still in love with your ex. If you are not ready to date again sometimes it helps to just go out with friends. Going out with friends or dating will help keep your mind off your ex.

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Almost all of us fall in love, right? We all wish to end up with engagement, marriage, happy family and raise kids. However, nobody is perfect and we might fall short. Some would not appreciate our effort that we thought it is. And sometimes we will discover from each other that we are not meant for that some one.

Heart break is often happened to people who can't accept the breakup of a relationship. For some reasons, we might still love the person or we cannot accept that you are not loved anymore.

I have a great help from a friend on how to heal a broken heart. If you are one of those I mentioned above, you need to get this stuff to get over him or either get your ex back!

Visit this great site: to get free details of How to Heal a Broken Heart.

My Heart Melts Away...

I never have thought someone could just disgust and degrade me...Sounds really unusual because it is normally happening to each of one's life.

It was just upsetting when someone said upfront those really really unkind and worst words that could ever been heard from an employer.

It really melts my heart away... I was on a crying portion for the whole night and make some promises and comfort myself at the same time, because nobody would do but just myself alone. But in fairness to that person, he was sorry for what happened, for what he accidentally said. It was granted of course, but when you come to think of it... you know what I mean, the damage has been done and the cut is already there.

What's the condition of your heart today? Is it good physically and emotionally? Well, I hope it is good for both condition. If you are suffering any heart aches right now, what would you do to mend the pains? If your heart is physically impaired, would you rather go to a doctor and undergo a surgery, right? But what then if you are emotionally impaired, to whom should you go to?

Now let us share what each others heart desire and condition. Feel free to leave some comments or share what your heart saying.

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